Calling All Oregon Progressive Democrats

1) Work with other Progressives

YOUR VOTE in your county party's Organizing Meeting COUNTS, helping elect progressives to steer the county and state party! Let's work together to make a difference!

If YOU are interested in running for a position, tell us!

2) Help Decide Who We Endorse

Progressive Democratic Precinct Committee People (PCPs) are invited to vote in our Endorsement Process to help pick which candidates we support!

If not already, we can help you become a PCP

3) VOTE in the Organizing Meeting

We'll make sure you know when to log into the county Organizing Meeting to help support progressives party leaders!

Enter your Name and Email in the form below...

Progressives are needed in the Democratic Party!
While showing up to vote one time could turn the tide in helping elect Progressives to steer the Democratic Party, you can also choose to be more involved in party organizing to help pass progressive laws and elect progressive candidates.